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Tony’s twenty-year career spans over three countries. Having lived and worked in Los Angeles, Rome, and Split, Croatia, Tony brings to the table a broad perspective and a practical understanding of multiculturalism.

He first made his mark in the 90s working as an Art Director in Los Angeles. Contributing his insight to a good number of advertising agencies he worked in virtually every product category from tourism to hospitality to cars.

Tony’s forte has always been storytelling in a rich, visual and comprehensive way. Moving to Rome, Italy, he next found himself on the mission of transforming traditional-style businesses into brand-driven organizations.

In 2002 he founded Elevator in Split, Croatia, a brand consultancy whose work has been recognized internationally by Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, several Summit Creative Awards and more.

Additionally, Tony has served as a member of judging panels on international awards on five continents, including several International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA) competitions.

An avid skier, Tony is particularly proud of his collaboration with great winter sports companies such as Atomic, Elan and Stoeckli.

Why choose Tony?

"We were not a brand until Tony re-worked our whole proposition. He was ahead of his time and I would recommend that any company fortunate enough to work with him, jump at the chance to do so. A visionary unlike any others we have worked with."

Nevena Pivac
Executive Board Member PPK



This is a great option for businesses of any size who want to create and implement an effective branding strategy, renew their brand image or perhaps set up an in-house creative department. Tony’s experience helps confirm that you are on the right track. His practical approach to branding is very focused on results and his do’s and dont’s of modern branding can really make the difference. Tony’s information is always targeted, relevant, and applicable. If you are not sure how to identify and address all of your market opportunities, partnering with Tony is likely to help.



Is your business or organization looking for an inspirational, charismatic speaker who speaks directly from personal experience and makes a genuine connection with his audience? Tony can be hired by businesses and associations to share his experiences at trade shows, conferences, or universities. Down to earth and practical, Tony provides answers to real world questions in a series of relevant and applicable case studies that are easy to follow.



Tony will talk in plain English about the value and challenges of building a brand, the investment in time and resources it takes to do it well, as well as what’s worked and not worked for others. Tony’s presentations are always comprehensive, clearly presented and provide concrete examples and resources. You’ll get practical tips, insightful ideas and a good chunk of inspiration mixed in.

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